Dry Wine


2013 Villa White   

 $16.98 – This light and herbaceous style wine goes well with pork and seafood.

2014 Pinocitro

$16.98 – A Pinot Grigio blend which is light and citric.  Excellent with seafood, poultry and pork.

2014 Dry Riesling

$16.98 – This aromatic wine is great with all types of seafood and pork.

2014 Dechaunac

$18.25 – Medium bodied, with a blackberry & currant  bouquet.  Pairs well with red meats & pasta.

2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Unfiltered (SOLD OUT)

Medium bodied, bold flavors and rich in tannins.  Pairs well with red meats and pasta.

 2013 Palocitro Unfiltered (SOLD OUT)

One of our finest dry red wines.  Exceptional quality.

2013 Chambourcin (SOLD OUT)

Medium bodied, spicy with cherry notes and currant bouquet.

2012 Stovilli Unfiltered (SOLD OUT)

A blend of our finest grapes makes this a delightfully dry wine, perfect for all occasions. 


Semi-Dry Wine

2014 Vistonia

$16.98 – A Cabernet blend that’s a good match for all red meats and pastas.

2014 Villa Red

$13.75 – A great all around semi-dry wine.

2014 Semi-Dry Riesling

$16.98 – This aromatic wine is great with all types of seafood and pork.

2014 Padre’s Rose’ (Coming Back Soon)

$12.97 – Like a summer breeze, this wine is easy to relax with.  Goes well with ham and poultry.

Semi-Sweet Wine


2014 Christmas Rose (Seasonal)

A favorite holiday wine!

2014 Villa Spring (Coming  in March) 

Slightly citric with hints of strawberry and pineapple.

2014 Padre’s Red

$13.75 – Medium bodied, a good match with pasta and red meats.

2014 Padre’s White

$12.97 -  A crisp light wine with subtle fruit taste.

2014 Semi-Sweet Riesling                                                      

$16.98 – This aromatic wine is great with all types of seafood and pork.

Sweet Wine

2014 Niagara

$11.50 – For the grape lover, this wine is delightfully robust.

2014  Pink Catawba

 $11.50 – Fresh, light and fruity.

2014 Stonegria

$11.50 – Crisp, fruity and slightly citric. This is the perfect summer afternoon at the pool wine.

2014 Villa Sunset

$11.50 – Unique blend of Lambrusca grapes evokes pleasant memories of the distinct grape flavor.

2010 Late Harvest Vignoles

$21.00 – Our dessert wine  – taste a hint of the tropics! 

2014 Villa Sunrise (SOLD OUT)

$11.50 – A touch of fruit and citrus makes this the perfect wine anytime!

2015 Padre’s Gold (SOLD OUT)

 A crisp freshness that is bursting with flavor and is pleasing to the palate. 

2014 Villa Passion (SOLD OUT)

Taste of Spring with a light, fresh melon flavor, and the color of Pink Diamonds.